Tuesday, March 22, 2011


On Mount Desert Isle there are wonderful paths that roam all through the park.  They serve as ways to get places and as destinations from which to view some of the park's greatest vistas and features.  I became fascinated by the paths themselves with their deeply compacted earth worn bald of grasses and plants from years of nature pilgrims shuffling along them.  Each turn became its own destination with sea smells and sounds of rustling leaves cooly intruding on my concentration for guiding my steps.  Each of these three path paintings had a different story and promise of old secrets if I'd just continue a little further.  Each explores atmosphere, light and color differently because the narrative asked me to.  I am especially drawn to the struggle between the roots and the granite bedrock polished and exposed only by the passing of human feet.

Bar Harbor cliffside path

Bar Harbor approaching the stairs
Bar Harbor slanted stone path

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