Inspiration and influence

Here are just a few of the images and influences for the digital art on this blog.
From the late 1800's to the mid 1900's there have been some incredible designs and prints done by the parks department and the railroads that capture grandeur and drama in a graphic and colorful way.  I love the way these posters simplify the landscape without losing its richness or the nature of the gestures found there.
I also find that these are related to Maxfield Parrish and his feel for magical and rich color (also shown).
Finally, on this page I've also included a few of the wonderful and plentiful paint by number images out there that also push images into graphic shapes and forms.  Many of the paint by number images are pretty schmultzy and not exactly fine art but zoom in on any small area in the painting and strange and fabulous abstracts start to emerge.  I'll post more over time as there are many Plein Air painters and early 20th century naturalist and realist painters from many schools who have informed and inspired me.

The Railroad posters:

The parks posters:

Maxfield Parrish with is extraordinary sense of color and use of blacks and darks.

And the paint by number examples: