Friday, December 30, 2011

The water's edge

Pin ItNot far from my home here is a beautiful little park right on the bay called Colt State Park. Below are some of the paintings of the waters edge and it's many moods. I love the contrast of the bathers on the rocks in all it's summer color and the kayaker at dusk in the fog.

Colt rock bathers

Colt Kayak at foggy dusk

Colt boulder low tide

Colt shore tussock

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Pin ItWater. It is the single greatest force for shaping nature and landscapes. Humans funnel it, try to capture it, but it still is a wild thing constantly on the move changing our world. I have been interested in those places where mans efforts to direct it's movements meet the moment that it is free again.  I did a series of paintings of culverts that have an interesting mix of visual structure and quiet fluid reflection. Culverts.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The colors and architecture of the Grand Canyon

Pin ItI have always been completely in awe of the grand canyon and the many paintings that have been done by the great landscape masters and many others there. Though I didn't take the reference photographs myself, there are almost unlimited views to find the landscape there is so visited. I wanted to explore some very saturated color and banded forms in these two paintings. The heavy speckling I painted in gave me the opportunity to capture some of that shimmering and unreal sense of color that the canyon can have in certain light where it seems to almost blister and bubble with colors that are more than could actually be there.

Grand Canyon at dusk

The Lily Pond

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Not far from where I live is an old mansion with grounds that are open to the public.  It is called Blythewold and I go there often to find subjects for my work. One of the more enchanting places on the grounds is the lily pond. It seems to constantly offer opportunities for looking at it in new ways.